v2.2.0 beta 1 released

We are finnaly releasing this new version as “version 2.2”. There are too many changes comparing to v2.0.2, the current Google Play published version (non-beta).

This is still a beta release though, expect some instability!

HEBF Account

We have introduced a account system. Create a HEBF Account with your email address or use your existing Google Acount to sign in. This account will alllow you make Cloud Backups and interact with other users in the future.

Premium purchase

We decided to stop the development of “HEBF Optimizer Pro” in favor of this. Included with this release, an in-app purchase that once owned, unlocks a few extra options such as:

  • Cloud Backup
  • Exclusive Doze Settings
  • FPS Unlocker
  • Turn on Android Battery Saver (in VIP Battery Saver)
  • ART Compiler Filter
  • AppOps Manager
  • And you get rid of…


Yes, I know, nobody likes this ad stuff…
See this as a small donation for our efforts 😉


  • HEBF Account and its features; login using it or your Google AccountAppOps (if supported)Auto start Manager
  • Create, save, restore and share backups using the Google Cloud
  • Quickly disable data, WiFi, location, bluetooth and sync to save battery
  • CPU Manager improved (added support for big.LITTLE – still a bit buggy :p)
  • CPU Tunables edit mode now adapts for numerical input
  • Doze idling mode selection
  • Whitelist / blacklist apps for Doze
  • Unforce idle button
  • Cleaner improved
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • Updated ART Compiler filters for Android 8.0+
  • Adaptive icon for Android 8.0+
  • Build.prop Editor improved (search props, better non-prop detection, fixed permission denied issues)
  • You can now create a script from scratch in the Scripts Runner
  • Scripts Runner will warn about scripts containing “sleep” and “exit” commands
  • Sysctl’s navigation improved
  • You can now schedule mediaserver kill
  • You can now open .hebf files to restore a backup
  • Layouts for landscape mode and tablets
  • Boost widget
  • New white theme
  • HEBF Emulated Command Line
  • Root processes will be opened less often
  • Initial support for non-rooted devices
  • Themes improved
  • Fixed some problems with the settings screen
  • Other bug fixes