Development of HEBF Optimizer Pro app has stopped

Hello everyone, as you probably have noticed, “HEBF Optimizer Pro” development has stopped. We are making it all in only one app, HEBF Optimizer. Let me explain how it will work:

Warning message

You should have received a mesage like this:

Since v2.1 b13 (2018/11/06). It means that “HEBF Optimizer Pro” app will only receive bug fix updates until we release the next version of “HEBF Optimizer”. When that happens, HEBF Optimizer Pro will be removed from Google Play and any installed version of it will only work until 2018/12/31 (this date may change).


The end of HEBF Optimizer Pro?

No, not exactly. The goal here is to make it all a single application, with a package you can later purchase to unlock pro features.


Do I need to pay for it again? Will my money be returned?

No need to. If you have already purchased HEBF Optimizer Pro through Google Play, your account will automatically be recognized as “Pro” and all “Pro” features will be automatically unlocked, see below: