Codename: Phoenix

  • Improvements and bug fixes for Android 8.0 and 7.x
  • Entropy profiles
  • Reduced entropy values selector range for easier setting
  • Script Runner (Advanced Options) [4.4+]
  • Improved busybox detection
  • Disable Apps (Tools) was replaced by Apps Manager at which you can disable, uninstall, deny background services [7.0+], get information, launch etc.
  • FPS Unlocker
  • Updated WiFi Settings
  • Layout changes
  • Other bug fixes


Codename: Phoenix

  • Added a sysctl option for advanced users
  • You now receive a return message when setting a custom DNS
  • Landscape and tablet layout improved
  • Notification fix for Android Oreo
  • Other bug fixes


Codename: Phoenix

  • [!] Preferences were reset, some settings may have been lost
  • New Intro screen
  • Added a dashboard screen
  • Added a device info screen
  • Added a CPU Manager screen (basics for now)
  • Changed colors: The blood color of my broken heart is red, not pinkv
  • Decreased margins size
  • You can now stop HEBF services individually
  • You can now schedule fstrim and select which partitions to trim
  • Improved Game Booster and its widget
  • Improved ART Compiler Filter option
  • Improved VIP Battery Saver imporoved, added a widget and a Quick Settings Toggle
  • Improved Backup / Restore: you can now share, import or export a backup as a configuration file. It also supports directly opening confuguration.zip files
  • Moved uncategorized options to the "Tools" screen
  • Removed Wi-Fi sleeper
  • Added Wi-Fi Settings (user lvl 3)
  • Added Instant Doze option (6.0+)
  • Info about the DNS server (External link)
  • Better logging system
  • Google Play Services Drain Fix is back with a different approach
  • Widgets updated
  • Updated Settings screen
  • Liquid Smooth UI updated

  • Fixed /data/data junk size not being shown
  • Fixed crash due permission denied errors
  • Root shell fix
  • Fsync path fix
  • Fiexd Whatsapp cleaning failure
  • Fixed ANR while reapplying changes
  • Fixed text not being shown in some small screens


Codename: Crimson day

  • Presets for the DNS Manual
  • Removed Google Play Services Drain Fix
  • Readded Low RAM Device Flag
  • Added Disable Apps


Codename: Crimson day

  • Cleaner updated with more options and totally reworked
  • Auto crash report / log
  • Quick Settings Tile [Android 7.0]
  • Advanced Options unlocked by default for level 3 users
  • Removed ART Fix
  • Added an option to change the ART Compiler filter (Advanced Options)
  • You can now copy, filter or search through the logs
  • No Zipalign for 5.0+
  • Removed Force connection type indicator
  • Added Toggle captive portal detection
  • Translations updated


Codename: Avalanche

  • App killing tendency control
  • Lock apps in memory removed
  • Initial Indonesian translation by Ezra Lazuardy
  • Updated libraries


Codename: Avalanche

  • Game Booster widget
  • Chinese translation added by GitHub user @008exe
  • New application introduction
  • Fixes related to permissions
  • You can now cancel the reapplication of changes
  • You can now send the log file as an attachment
  • Logging updated
  • Persistent FAB
  • LMK improved
  • Cleaner improved (storage path fix)
  • Improved TCP tweak
  • Backup / restore updated


Codename: March rain

  • Updated Low Memory Killer (RAM management profiles + improved logic)
  • Battery information
  • Spanish translation reviewed by Alekss Ro
  • Initial Hindi translation by XDA Member @sohamsen
  • Added Turkish translation by Umut TURUNÇ
  • Notification improvements
  • Hint for current DNS [Manual DNS @Advanced Options]
  • Layout changes
  • Logging improved